Happy Anniversary

Our Wedding: arms length

A few things about my wedding off the top of my head

1. I got up early and drove around San Jose. Everything was so Still and Quite
2. I was so nervous that things would not be ready. The Cupcakes were late. I was so nervous before the wedding started, I needed someone else to put on the boutineers.
3. I had to get out of the parking lot so I did not see Kate before the wedding started.
4. While the wedding party was getting ready. I warmed up the crowd. I told them how Kate and I met.
5. I was amazed at how Kate looked in her dress. When I stood there she took my breath away when I first saw her.
6. I shook while I read my wedding vows.
7. I teared up while Kate read her wedding vows.
8. During the Photos I was holding the flowers most of the time.
9. When it started to rain, I was amazed how all the guests helped us move everything under the cover. It was great to see everyone pitch in.
10. Cupcakes were perfect for an outdoor wedding.
11. It started raining again when we were having a first dance.


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