More Noise, Less Communication

SFlickr August 07: Twitter Shirt

While I love Twitter and Facebook, (I guess I need to admit that I love Facebook) I feel like they add more noise than communication to my life. There are a few people I feel closer to because of these forms of electronic communication. On total I feel further away from my friends. I feel further away from people I used to feel close to with e-mail, blogs, and Phone calls.

I am not sure why, but it seems like I speak a lot less on the phone now. Even though I always have my cell phone on me, it seems like I never use it as a phone.

My problem is the micro blogging sites is that I feel like I am tying notes to balloons and hoping people see them. I also see far too many notes. It is so easy to say something meaningless it seems most of what is being said is meaningless.

I feel like Live Journal had a lot more substance than Facebook. That being said, I have not logged onto Live Journal for forever.

I am not sure if it is me or other people. Likely it is both. I am not sure who to brake though the noise and make those connections strong.


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