Travel: Our Anniversary breakfast at Beth's Cafe

The sky was overcast on our first anniversary and I cannot think of a better day. After sleeping in and hanging around the hotel room we made our way to Beth's Cafe.


Beth's Cafe has been on both Food Network and the Travel Channel. If you travel to seattle and you like dinner food, you must go to Beth's Cafe. It is an amazing place. It has a great jukebox and people always leave credits on it. It is the kind of place the encourages the eaters to draw pictures and post them on the wall.


Kate drew something

Om nom nom

I had the six egg sausage, cheese, and onion omelet. It was the best omelet I have ever eaten. Every bite was light and fluffy without feeling over puffed up. Served over amazing hash browns, it was mind blowing.

Beth's Cafe Six Egg Omelet

Kate had Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs. She loved hers too. It was a great place to stop. I felt good that we made a special trip to go there. On top of that our coffee cups never got half empty. The service was great.



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