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SF Giants Fan Photo Day: Waiting for the Players

For the third year in a row Kate and I went to the San Francisco Giants Fan Photo Day. Every year Kate and I have a good time. We like having the chance to take photos of and with our favorite Giants. This has been a big part of our rooting for the Giants. It is a good way for us to feel closer to the player.

Usually we have to get to the game really early and wait in a very long line. that is the only way to get a good spot.

SF Giants Fan Photo Day: The Line

This year Yahoo is the sponsor. With a reply to a twitter post, I got a passes for the VIP section for Kate and myself.

SF Giants Fan Photo Day: Happy

This means we got the first crack at the players as they walked by. This gave me a shot at some good photos.

SF Giants Fan Photo Day: Tim Lincecum

It is interesting to learn some things about players from seeing them close up on Fan Photo Day. Some of the players are more shy and other players are very much hams.

SF Giants Fan Photo Day:

Sergio Romo was every happy to met people and get close to just about everyone. Matt Downs suck everyone's hands.

Kate got her photo with Tim Lincecum...

Kate with Tim Lincecum

For the third year in a row.

On top of all that, it was a great game.

SF Giants Fan Photo Day:

Matt Cain pitched a great game. There were three home runs, including a Splash Hit. The Giants were in control of the game the whole time. It was a good baseball day.


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