Device Specific Content

A few weeks ago I bought a new internet connected BluRay player. I bought it more for the Netflix streaming then for playing BluRay discs. A friend of mine bought a Roku player at about the same time. Both of these devices have Netflix, Amazon, and Pandora, but they also have other content. Other network connected devices have still other content like VuDu and Blockbuster.

Today I sighed up for the Hulu Plus beta. The only problem is that I have to hope it will be supported on my Sony BluRay player. If it will, that support will not come until Fall. It looks like they will be supporting a lot of devices, but not all connected devices.

I have been thinking about device specific content. I know that device manufactures like the idea. It is a way to differentiate their device from the rest of the file. It makes it so considerations other than price.

I think it is bad for the content providers. These content providers are keeping their costumers from the content. I would pay for the MLB content if I could get it on my TV. I want it with one of the internet connected devices I already have.

In the long run this is bad for content because it it too fractured. People will be cut off from the content and walk away for other content. This is bad because people are used to every tv set getting the same content. Once people are cut off from content because purchase decisions they made months or years earlier it will be hard to reach enough audience to make the economics work.


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