Flickr Sets: 1-25 views

4th on Deck with the A's: Fireworks

Since I upload a lot of photos, I have a lot of photos that do not get many views. Every day I add a few photos to this group 1-25 Views. It is an interesting group because you can only add 5 photos a day. I try to add that many every day, but I do not always get the chance.

I have over 1100 photos in this group. Below is my oldest photo that I have placed in this ground. It still only has 18 views. Take a look so I can take it out of this group.


I put this set together so I could get a better idea of what photos I have in this group. Someday I will go through this set and make sure it is totally up to date. I have a few other programs I need to finish first.

SF Giants Fanfest:


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