New Flickr Photo Page

Flickr Turns Two: cake maintance

I have been playing with the new Flickr Photo page. They have made a lot of changes. I am not sure what they think yet. I am not sure if I like it or not. I use flickr a lot, but most of the time I am looking at my own photo. I am not sure how I will like it after looking at another 100 or so photos. I am not sure if this photo is better for viewing my photos or viewing other peoples photos.

Flickr has a group for all the conversation about this feature.


Can scroll through contacts photos.
Can add a photo to multiple sets and groups at a time.
Can search groups and sets to ad a photo
Can limit who sees the geo-tag
More photos in the photostream view
Arrow keyboard buttons move you from photo to photo in a photostream

Moving most of the actions another level down
Does not clear the top menu
Title below the photo
Have to go to actions to remove photo from group

Lets see how I feel about it in a few weeks.


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