Reached my Flickr Goal

SV Flickr Meet: James' New Toy

I have reached my goal for the number of flickr views for this year. In January I said I wanted to get a total of 3,542,374 flickr views by the end of the year. As of today I am up to 3,706,094 total flickr views. I passed by goal about half way through this year.

April 3: Wonder Con 2010 Green and Super

One of the reasons I passed my goal so early is because one of my photos ended up on the Flickr blog for Wonder Con. This got me a few hundred thousand extra views. I would still be ahead of my goal, but I got a lot of extra views from that one event. One of the reasons I love cosplay photos is how many views they get me. This year I hit the jackpot.

Kate and I, but mostly me.

If I keep getting 2000 views a day for the rest of the year, I can get up to 3,000,000 total views. That is a pretty sweet number. I know part of that is because I post a lot of pictures. It is still cool that I can get that many views.

Little Hulk


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