Happy Steak and Cupcake Day

Steak and cupcake day: The Steak

Happy Steak and Cupcake Day! Today is the 3rd Happy Steak and Cupcake Day. It is the anniversary of our first date. Our first date was on the Friday before Labor Day. We have decided to always celebrate the Friday before Labor Day instead of August 31.

Steak because as our relationship grew we would go watch the Eagles at a bar and have steak and eggs. It has always been a special meal for us.

Cupcake because we had cupcakes at our wedding instead of cake. We did it to save money, but it ended up working perfectly. We did not need anyone to cut the cake. It made a big difference at an outdoor wedding. We feel it is a symbol of how we found each other.

It has been a great three years. It feels like much longer and much shorter then three years. Our first date turned out to be one of the best days of my life.

Steak and cupcake day: Two for two


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