How did I do with my Resolutions

It is time to looks to see how I did with my resolutions. Here is the scorecard of how I did

Resolutions 2010:

Ride my bike more: I want to ride my bike at least 100 days this year. I was thinking at least 2 forty weeks this year. I will have to pick up the other 20 somewhere. I want to ride enough that I fell comfortable riding to other cities in Santa Clara County, that is without having to ride the Light Rail.

Half Pass I will say that I passed this one. I did not measure this one, but I lived up to the spirit of this one. I got on my bike a lot more. I am much more comfortable riding my bike.

Exercise more: I want to accomplish 300 hours of moderate exercise. That is 6 hours a week for 50 weeks. I will give myself some time off for vacation. Even if it is just an hour of walking 6 days a week. I have started doing this, and it really helps.

Half Pass, I did not measure this, but I did a good job getting more exercise.

Build my savings: I have a number in mind, but I am not going to share it with you.

Fail, I did not save much money at all. I need to do better on this one.

Do more creative projects: I have a number of projects in mind that you will read about in another post. I want to accomplish more than half of them.

Pass I did 4 of the six projects I listed. I am happy about this.

Read 12 books this year: I really do not read enough. I want to read more. 12 books is a modest number, it is a great increase over my last couple of years.

Fail I did not read very many books this year.

Make 100 Sad Salvation posts: I really do not want Sad Salvation to fade away. That is just too easy to do. It is simple to let Twitter and Facebook take over. I want my blog to last another year. Maybe it needs a redesign.

Fail I only did about 90 posts.

**** ** ******: ** **** ** ** **** * ***** * ****. (This has been redacted. Tell me if you have any guesses what it is)

Fail I will have a new goal for 2011.

Make more than $15 from Google AdSense: Yeah, I made a big $15 dollars from google this year. It was all in October on the Costume Checklist blog. I might need to start some more blogs to get it done, but I think it is doable. If you want to help me go click on some of the ads over there... If you want to find great places to find costumes.

Pass I made about $25. It is not a big number, it is something.


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