Eats 2010

In November I went to the Loft Bar and Bistro for the first time. It has been open in San Jose for as long as I can remember, but this is the first time I went there. I have been meaning to go there for years. The problem is something that happens all the time. Kate and I have a list of restaurants we usually go to. It is easier to go to a place we know. I want to not be in that rut.

I decided to figure out how many places I ate at for the first time in 2010. I used flickr and foursquare to figure out where I ate this year. I know there must be a few places missing. I think the list is pretty interesting. This gives me a pretty good reason to go back to using Foursquare.

Quickly I figured out I needed to break the list up into two parts, Travel Eats and Local Eats.

Travel Eats

Cafe Nola - Bainbridge Island
Beth's Cafe - Seattle
Voodoo Donuts - Portland
Otto's Sausage Kitchen - Portland
Tioli's Crazee Burger - San Diego
Albert's Restaurant San Diego Zoo - San Diego
McMecamins Queen Anne - Seattle
5 Spot - Seattle
Etta - Seattle
Tonellia's Pizza Pub - Horsham
Five Guys Burgers
Rosine - Monterey
Naked Cafe - Solana Beach
Deschutes Brewery Public House - Portland
Little Leo's - Warminster
Billy Up Tavern - Solana Beach
Grande Olde Cheeseteaks - Philadelphia
The Emerald Grill - Seattle
Fidel's Little Mexico - Solana Beach
House of Blues - San Diego
Keith's Family Restaurant - San Diego
Frog Burger - Philadelphia
Boca Steakhouse - Novato
Original Marvins - Petaluma
Mills Dinner - Novato
Fentons Creamery - Nut Tree

Local Eats

ABC Seafood - Foster City
Country Gourmet - Mountain View
Q Restaurant - San Francisco
Calafia - Palo Alto
The Grill - San Jose
Old Port Lobster Shack - San Mateo
Jack's Prime Burgers and Shakes - San Mateo
Luna Park - San Francisco
Ferry Plaza Seafood - San Francisco
Loft Bar and Bistro - San Jose
Goldilocks - Mountain View
Windy City Chicago Style Pizza - San Mateo
FireHouse Grill and Brewery - Sunnyvale
Race Street Fish and Poultry - San Jose
Pho Lan Noodle House - San Jose
The Pantry - San Mateo
Dan Brown's Lounge and Sports - Palo Alto

Food Trucks

Sam's ChowderMobile
Kung Fu Taco
Twirl and Dip


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