Google v. Search Engine Optimization

March 5: Google Bike

This week there has been news about Google changing their search algorithm to make content farms less effective with Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the stories that most people don't care about. I am not sure this news would reach my sisters at all.

I have been really interested in this story. Often I do Google searches and get frustrated. I know the content I want is out there, but I have to find do five of six searches to find what I want. It is not that I am bad at searching, but I keep running into spammy results. I want a search to find good content.

That is why I am not really interested in people who complain about the way Google run their search engine. What I care the most about is the results I get back as a searcher. I really think content creators have a hard time dictating where their website should show up in web results. If I search for Tech Crunch their website should show up at the top of the results. I cannot say that any article they write should also show up at the top of a google result.

I worry if Google is transparent, the spammers will over run it. If the "Search Engine Marketing experts" know how Google Searches work, what will stop them from putting there clients on top of the search. Google has power, because people use their service. If there is a better search engine people would use it.

That being said, I am looking forward to the future of search. I am amazed that Google does not have personalized search yet. I am logged in when I search, why is the search content not sculpted to my tastes, wants and needs?

I also think that how the results are displayed need to be innovated. right now it is too hard to look through the results. I want a be able to resort the results. I want to dismiss results and have new results fill in.


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