Female Marvel Characters

I was just reading iFanboy's Which Female Marvel Characters Could Carry a Series?. I read this and I liked it. It got me thinking about which female characters I would love to read. I know that my ideas do not really match the comic book marketplace, but I feel there are some really good stores out there to be written. I would have picked She-Hulk and Kitty Pryde. I decided to pick people not on this list.

Wasp - Wasp is one of my all time favorite characters. She was always my favorite leader of the avengers As much as I love Janet van Dyne, I think that you need an All New, All Different Wasp. My idea is to have a girl who is is a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, Débutante, from only New York City Old Money. She is living as a spoiled little rich girl without a care in the world.

Her father is a executive for Roxxon Oil or an A.I.M. Front company. Some how she gets caught in an experiment where the company tries to reproduce Pym Particles. In that moment her whole life changes, kinda. She goes from someone who only care about herself and her world to someone who has to think about who she is and how she can change the world.

I would say that think Gossip Girl meets Spiderman. I would include a lot of drama from her friends and a lot of intrigue about the superpower. She needs to hide her new identity and find out what her father is into. Maybe one of her friends is also connected to a super villain.

Iron Woman - There is a huge hole in the Marvel Universe. That huge hole is really smart women. Who is the smartest woman in the Marvel Universe? Valeria Richards? Moira MacTaggert? Madame Menace? It is not a really deep bench. Do any of them crack the top 5 or top 10 for smartest marvel characters? This is a real problem. (Note: I know that the Marvel Ultimate Universe has done a much better job of making characters like Susan Storm and Janet van Dyne smart characters)

I wound introduce a new Iron Woman character. There is a long history in comics of creating female versions of male characters. This new Iron Woman would be a genius who got her PhD from MIT at the age of 14. She would be working for the Stark Resilient or what ever the latest version of Tony Stark's company is currently. She would be someone smart enough to build the armor on her own and use it.

Miss Marvel - The time is right to bring back Miss America. You can either have the story to back in World War 2 or now. You can link it to the Timely Miss Marvel or have no mention of her at all. I just think it is time to bring this back.

Bernie Rosenthal - I know she is an obscure character, but this idea is worth it. The title would be Bernie Rosenthal: Superhero Lawyer. The idea is that she is the lawyer that helps superheros who are being wrongly prosecuted.

I think the best way to do this comic is to plan one story for 12 issues. The first issue is an introduction. I would start with one the the super villains in the Hood's Crew being found murdered. The Police arrest a superhero for the murder. The Hood would be in Prison, but still calling the shots of his criminal organization. Bernie has to prove the superhero did not murder the villain. It would be a great book of intrigue. Best of all Bernie would have to use her smarts along to achieve anything. I think this could be a great New York City Marvel Comic.

Scarlet Witch - Someone need to reality that character. I feel she has been the whipping girl of Marvel Comics writers for the last few years. It is like they did not know how to make her human with such massive power. I would not make this an X-men book, but a magic book. Marvel has a rich history of magic characters. It seems like those characters are not getting much use lately.

My title for this book would be The Coven of the Scarlet Witch. It would include supporting characters like Agatha Harkness and Sister Voodoo. The point of the book is that Scarlet Witch would have to put a coven together to put her life together. She would put distance between herself and Magneto. I would also use this title to introduce young magical characters.

Callisto - I always liked the idea of the angry, punk rock, superhero. I have always thought Callisto is part Wolverine and part Joan Jett. I think that would make a good character. I would make this a story of a mutant going around country try to help other mutants. I also like the idea that other heroes do not see her as a hero. She has to do these things with no help from the larger X-Community. I think it would be great to see a female lead anti-hero.


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