The First Trip to a Ballpark

On the August 12th Baseball Today podcast an English college student asking advice about seeing his first baseball game. He decided that he was going to become a baseball fan. The Reds are his favorite team and he is going to see them for a three game home series. He asked advice about what to do on his first trip to a big league ball game.

1. Do some research - It is really easy to do research about ballparks now. Find out where people hang out before ball games. Read what other people have written about a park. Use this information to make a plan. A plan give you a chance to not miss things. For example the Reds have a museum at the ballpark.

2. Bring a camera - I really believe in being a camera to a park. It give you the drive to look for things around the park. You do not need to use the camera all of the time. It is good to have a reason to go all over the park. It is even cool to capture funny things around the park

Watch Out for Batted Balls

3. Get to the park really early - If you are going to a park you do not know when you will get back to, every moment around the park is a moment well spent. I think you should get there before the park before the gates open. I think it give you time to explore. There are often things outside the park you can see before the doors open. I think it is worth taking one lap around the park before anyone gets there.

There is something cool about being there when the gates open. I love having the park to myself.

2004 citizens bank park: An Empty Park

4. Watch Batting Practice - This guy is going to be there for three days. One day watch from the outfield, one day watch from around home plate, one day watch from around first base. From these three places you can see everything that is going on in batting practice. I think you can learn about the game this way.

Giants v. Reds: Batting Practice

5. Make a lap of the concourse before the game - In the ball park renaissance there are lots of cool things on the concourse. Doing it before the game will give you the chance to see everything without worrying about missing the game.

Let me know if you have any tips about going to a ball park for the first time.


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