Thought About A New Job

I am starting a new job on Tuesday. This has got me thinking of a lot of things. When you start a new job there are so many new things. I read once that you brain operates differently when you are experiencing a lot of new things at once. All those new memories are making your brain write more memories, not just reference old memories. It effects your emotions when this happens. I want to remember as many of these things as I can.

I am excited, scared, hopeful and a little nervous. I want to do a good job and make a good impression on people. I feel that my life is better when I enjoy my work. I want to get off on the right foot at this job. These two weeks since I took the job seem to be taking forever.


That's awesome Rich. Where are you going?
emily said…
Rich, you'll do awesome. You were always well respected and easy to work with at TiVo. I was so lucky to have met you my first day at work.
Kate said…
Good numbers,my sweetest man. <3 <3

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