Me and Podcasts

Over the last couple of years I have become a big podcast fan. There is all this free content out there that people are giving away. I could listen to 24 hours of podcast a day. I have the problem of not being able to listen to all the podcasts I download daily. From time to time I just need to delete the stale podcasts on my phone and in iTunes.

The interesting thing about podcasts to me is that there are lots of levels. There are radio shows that are purposed for podcast, there are groups like ESPN and Slate that make professional podcast only content, and there are amateurs who are doing it for fun. There is just so much out there, it is great. It is free content, but it is also valuable.

The odd thing to me is I do not know what podcasts that my friends are listening too. There seems to be very little sharing in the podcast level. On some level podcasting was the new hot thing 5 years ago. Now that is is less hot, it might be a lot more interesting.

I want to review some of my favorite podcasts. I want to talk about what makes me keep listening to them.


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