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Old School Wrestling Podcast

The Old School Wrestling Podcast from Flair Chop has become one of my favorite podcast. I am not the biggest wrestling fan in the world, but I know enough to know who they are talking about most of the time. The idea is that they review wrestling events from the past. Many of the events they talk about are for either the Hogan/Flair Golden Era or the Monday Night Wars Era.

The first thing that you notice is that they love pro-wresting. You need to love pro-wrestling to be able to enjoy the good parts and mock the bad parts of pro-wrestling. They love Ric Flair and they love to make fun of the Black Scorpion. They know what is great about Pro-Wresting and that makes the bad stuff funnier.

This is one of those podcast that feels like a couple of friends chatting. I wish I could share a beer with Dre and Black Cat and talk wresting. I want to agree with them about how much I hated Edge also. I disagree with them about some things, but that is part of the fun. I want to defend why I like Tommy Dreamer. I hope I can make them laugh as much as they make me laugh.

I have listed to all their old podcasts. Now I am reduced to waiting for Dre and Black Cat to make a new episode. The old episodes are hours of cool free entertainment. Every episode is worth listening too. If you liked wrestling at all, you should check them out.

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