Thoughts on Davey Jones

I spent my life as a Monkees fan. At times the Monkees felt important in my life. I will admit that my fandom of the the Monkees was caused by television. Even thought the Monkees broke up two years before I was born, the TV show was in syndication off and on until 1980. As a six year old, the Monkees was a great TV show. It was absurd, slapstick, silly, and musical. They drove a great car and even dressed like superheros some of the time. As a little kid, what was there not to love. Some of that love always stayed with me the rest of my life.

When I was in Junior High the Monkees had a revival for their 20th anniversary. Not only was it nostalgia for the people who saw them the first time around, but also a mini nostalgia for people my age. We were nostalgic for first grade. I know some of my friends were watching the Monkees for the first time, but most of them were watching the shows again.

I know that part of what made the Monkees popular was that it was playing on MTV. All my friends in Junior High watched MTV. Being on MTV upped the cool factor on anything. At that time the MTV brand and the Monkees seemed to match at that time.

I am not sure if the Monkees TV show formed my sense of humor of just fit into well. I have always enjoyed absurd humor. Some of my favorite TV shoes of all time used a lot of these elements. If you see shows like Parker Lewis, Simpsons, 30 Rock, and even Monty Python, you can see some of the elements of the Monkees.

As an adult I can still listening to the Monkees. Now I can hear the clean pop structures of the Monkees songs. I like how clean those songs are. I think we should should be able to enjoy fun music.


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