WWE Extreme Rules Dream Booking

Thomas Holzerman wrote a blog post about which tag teams he would like to see. tag-teams.html I keep on thinking about WWE Extreme Rules. Brock Lesnar came back to the WWE the day after Wrestlemania 28 and started a feud with John Cena. This is the day after the Rock beat John Cena in a batch that has been building for a year. A lot of people say the match between Brock and Cena is happening too quickly and they should wait for the next Pay-Per-View at least.

I was trying to figure out the best possible plot line. Brock is on a one year contract, and I feel the WWE wants to get everything out of him. That made me wonder what is the most radical thing they can do.

Right now Brock Lesnar has allied himself with Johnny Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis is trying to flex his power after taking control of both shows at Wrestlemania. On the Raw before Extreme Rules I would show two things, the first is I would show that Brock is not a man to be controlled. The second thing I would do is have Brock and CM Punk have a back stage confrontation. I might even have a tag team match between Brock and Jericho vs. Punk and Cena.

During Extreme Rules the Lesnar v. Cena match would be second to last and Punk v. Jericho would be the last match. Toward the start of the night Lesnar confronts Punk again, insulting him. During the Lesnar v. Cena match Johnny Laurinaitis and hie stooge David Otunga come and join Lesnar beating down Lesnar. Because Lesnar insulted him and for the chance to beat up on Johnny Laurinaitis CM Punk comes down for the save.

When CM Punk comes down to the ring he clears it, but Cena give him the Attitude Adjustment. This is the time where Cena makes his heal turn. CM Punk gets the beat down from everyone in the ring. He even gets the Ace Crusher from Johnny. After the beat down Jericho just strolls down and gets the three count to take the title.

The Aftermath is that Lesner, Cena, and Jericho are a new stable. They beat up whoever they want. No one can stop them. They just come down and beat up both people on a match. Jericho would have the title and would be a prick to everyone. Lesner and Cena would be a super tag team that would rule over everyone. They would be so powerful, they could re-write who is a heel and who is a face in the company. It would be an easy way to reline everything.

People have talked about a Cena heel turn for a long time. I think Cena has to be a mastermind heel. He has to be someone who uses his control and power to get whatever he wants. Whenever someone tries to stop him, he always has something up his sleeve. I think Lesner and Cena would be a great set of bully heels in the world. I really doubt this would happen.


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