I have ideas about the world, it does not mean I know what I am writing about. 

I have been writing about Pro Wrestling for the last few months.  I wanted to claim my place in the world of the internet wrestling community.  To start with I am not a journalist.  To me to be a journalist you need to do a couple of things.  You need to have a beat, have contacts, check fact, break news, and write original material.  Journalists have standards of accuracy and should be not opinion centric. I studied journalism a little in college and I do not fit any of the standards I learned in college.

I am not a columnist either. A columnist writes from a point of view and an opinion, but still have to be truthful and factual.  Footnotes are usually a good idea.  I think good columnists usually has an editor and part of a larger organization, like a news paper or a sports blog. 

I am not a commentator.  A commentator has some deep understanding of a subject.  Usually a commentator took part in a subject or had a deep study of that subject.  The best commentators are experts.  I could be a commentators on beta tests, but it is not a public enough subject to see what other companies are doing. 

If I am not any of those things, what am I?  I am an a amateur, a blogger, a wrestling fan.  I am someone who like cultural criticism and enjoys picking apart all types of art.   I like to think about the meaning of art and ask other people what they think.  I like to hear smart people talk about music, movies, television, painting, and wrestling. 

This means I have not footnotes to back up my writing.  I do my best to remember what I have heard on the subject I write upon.  It is totally possible that I am wrong.  If I am wrong, please let me know, leave a comment, send me a tweet.  I think the conversation is the whole point. 


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