When I use WWF and WWE

There seems to be a choice for ever internet blogger.  Here are my simple rules.

  • I use WWF for anything that happened before the start of the Monopoly era.
  • I use WWE for anything going on now or has happened since the WCW and ECW went out of business.
I know some people are offended by the name WWE.  It represents many of the issues people have with the company like the way they rewrite history.  I know the WWE would like me to use WWE all the time.  They edit out the 'F' from the past videos.  You will hear the announcers say WW(blank) if you buy a video. 

I know the WWE stopped being the WWF because of trademark disputes.   I think it if funny when I hear people talk about this like the WWE did this on propose, like they wanted to change their name to just mess with wrestling fans.

Here is what I know, in wrestling everything is a work.  That means that every part of the story, the present, the future, and the past is all in service of what is happening right now.  That means the past can be edited, re-written, changed, re-purposed and/or interrupted.  The past in story line only needs to server the current goals.  In an expansive story telling world, holding on to the past too tightly just makes problem. 

I know wrestling many wrestling fans hate this.  I guess I don't really care about this because I was a comic book fan for too long.  I have seen too many stories I was invested in be re-written and taken out of canon.  Because I know that wrestling history is just a work, I only care if the current story being told is interesting or not. 


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