My iTunes Five Star Rating System

On the International Object podcast today I said that I had my own iTunes 5 star rating system.  To let you know, I have more than 50,000 songs in iTunes.  The only way for me to deal with my collection was to rate everything.  It was the best way for me to use the Smart Playlist was to include the star rating. Here is my rating:

Five Star - I never skip this song.  No matter what mood I am in, I want to hear this song
Four Star - I rarely skip this song.  I usually want to hear this song.  Just a notch below Five Star
Three Star - A song I want in my collection, but I do not always want to hear it all the time.  I want this song for a specific mood.
Two Star - I do not like this song but I feel like I need to keep it because it is part of an album. 
One Star - Interviews, talking interludes, things that aren't songs, or songs I will delete as soon as I get the chance. 


At one time I tracked how many songs I had with each rating.  I found out that I have very few One Star songs, maybe 1%.  The odd thing is about 15% of both 2 Star and 5 Star. I have 35% of both 3 Star and 4 Star songs.  It was an odd symmetry, it seemed like there might be too many 4 Star and 5 Star song, but I realized there is a selection bias.  This is not a collection of all songs, this is a collection of songs I have purchased.  Of course there are a lot of 4 Star and 4 Star songs. 


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