When do we go too far

Between the website Mckayla Is Not Impressed and the Lolo Jones Today Show interview I wonder if we the fans are taking the criticism of Olympic Athletes too far.  Maybe we should all back off a little.

Mckayla Maroney is 16 years old and she made a face.  I think people are getting on her a little too much.  Yes she was a poor sport, yes she should have been happy to get silver, but lets give her the benefit of the doubt.  People want to condemn her and not put themselves in her shoes.  How would you feel if you had been training that long that hard and one mistake keeps you from your goal.  My guess is most people would react poorly.  The announcers said that it was her event to lose, and she lost it.  That can be hard at times.

When I was 17 years old I freaked out because I did not play a single play in the Homecoming game.  I would hate to have to see that moment now.  I would hate very everyone on the internet to remix that moment.  Yes she choose to be on the world stage, but lets have compassion.

I hear sports talk radio hosts talk about Olympians and I think they take it way too far.   How would they be on the radio if they only got to broadcast to a national audience a few days every four years.  The rest to the time they just performed in obscurity.  My bet is they would not always make the right choices with their reactions.


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