Busting Out of Hell

This week on the International Object podcast I did a fantasy booking of the end of the CM Punk v. the Ryback match for Hell In A Cell this weekend.  I think it is a fantasy in the same way that winning the lottery is, it is just not going to happen.

I suggested that the way to end the match between Punk and Ryback is to destroy the Cell.  The two of them should have such a hard match, they the break out of the steel constraints that hold them in.  Ryback should be so powerful that he busts the bounds of reality around him.  Punk should be so smart and crafty that he is able to keep the title when facing this force.  When the Cell is destroyed, there is no more Hell In A Cell match.  The match can end without deciding anything. 

I think this is a great finish for a match.  I think the occasional non-decision in wrestling works, even at a Pay-Per-View.  It would be a difference case if it was their third PPV match.  Being the first match, I think a little delayed gratification would be a good thing.  I think it would be best for Ryback to chase for a while longer.

In the podcast I said that I want to see Ryback destroy the concept of the Hell In A Cell match.  I want to see Ryback be the unstoppable force in a way that is unreal.  I want to see the very underpinnings of the Hell In A Cell be in ruins.  I want this to be the match that retires Hell In A Cell for a few years.

With the history of Hell In A Cell matches, I think this would be a fitting end.  It would remind people of Mankind getting slammed through the top of the Cell.  It would remind people of Big Show and Brock Lesner breaking the ring.  I think this kid of ending could elevate Ryback even higher in the eyes of the fans.  I cannot tell you how powerful it would be to destroy the match itself.  I think it is something people would really remember. 

From a practical point of view, I think there are two things of value here.  I think the length of Punk's title run and Ryback's current winning streak are good.  I do not think either thing should be over yet.  I think any definitive ending to this match is bad for both wrestlers.  I think it is cutting a story really short.

Right now the Ryback v. CM Punk story looks rushed.  The only way for it not to be rushed is for Ryback to chase longer.  There are a number of good stories to be opened up here.  Make Ryback run through the upper card on his way back to a title match. How could Punk be Best in the World if he did not get a decision.  I think this is a story that could go for a while.  I like the idea of Punk cutting a promo about how Ryback is everything that is wrong with the WWE and WWE fans.

I don't see this happening.  I think there is a 40% that this match with end with a No Contest/DQ/Non Finish.  I expect they will do it by getting other wrestlers involved.  I lean toward another active WWE wrestler being involved.  While I would love to see Brock or Goldberg be the wrestler who runs in, but I just don't think it will happen.

With John Cena being out of action Hell In A Cell has become a more interesting PPV.  I think there are a few chances for the WWE to do this right and a lot of chances for them to do it wrong. 


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