Ten Ridiculous People to Lead Aces and 8s

Today TH made a blog post about how the Aces and 8's Storyline could be saved.  He makes an argument for blurring the line when it comes to Hulk Hogan.  That got my mind working.  I wanted to come up with some silly people from the past who could be the Head of Aces and 8's.  Lets count them down.

Honorable Mention: Antonio Inoki, Van Hammer, Horace Hogan, Nick Bockwinkel, Dave Hebner, Psycho Sid, K Sawyer Paul, Ole Anderson, Virgil, Lex Luger, The US Express, Scott Hall, Linda Hogan, Paul Orndorff, Shane Douglas, Tiny Lister

10. Bob Backlund - You can book this one of two ways.  He can be the guy who is paying the bikers to do his dirty work.  It would be great to see this crazy guy in a bow tie telling all these hard core bikers to do things.  I like the idea of him yelling at Hogan that Hulkamania ruined his career.  I think this would be the biggest WTF?!? moment in recent wrestling history.

9. Iron Sheik - I know that this might sound just like Bob Backlund, but it is a little different.  I don't want the Iron Sheik of the 80's.  I want the Iron Sheik of twitter.  I want him to curse and be raw.  Have you seen his twitter feed? I could see belittling Hogan in a perfect way.  This is the kind of product that the WWE cannot offer right now. 

8. Jesse the body Ventura - I like the idea of the leader of Aces and 8's never wrestling.  If you can pull this off Jesse is a natural.  He and Hogan always had good heat about jealousy.  It is a match we never got.  There is always that feeling that they are the same side of different coins.  I think he could also pull off being

7. Fake Sting (AKA The Cobra) - This is more of a Sting thing.  How would you feel if the thing you are most well know for is being the Fake version of a wrestler.  It is true that 90% of the audience would not know about the Fake Sting story line.  There is also no way to show the footage because they do not own it.  Maybe they could re-intact it with action figures. 

6. Vader - I think that Vader was really held back by Hogan entering WCW.  I think Vader would have been at the top a lot longer if not for Hogan.  I think it would be great too see him guys much younger. 

5. Konnan - Hulk Hogan v. Mexican Hulk Hogan what more do I need to say?

4. Brutus "Edward Leslie" Beefcake -  The man of 16 gimmicks has always been there for Hogan.  Where is Hogan when Beefcake is in need?  Beefcake is tired of carrying Hogan's bags.  I forget which of Beefcake's gimmick's was a biker, but we know he could pull it off.  We would find out if Linda's accusations are true or not. 

3. Jimmy Hart - I think there could be a Breaking Bad story line here.  He could be the unlikely genius who runs the gang.  Who says Biker Crank more than Jimmy Hart.

2. Kevin Sullivan - After all these years and the failure of Alliance to End Hulkamania, I can only imagine how many sleepless nights Kevin Sullivan has.  He plays it over and over again in his head.  He thinks about how The Yeti and Hugh Morris could not get the job done.  After all these years away, Kevin Sullivan finally sees his chance to end Hulkamania once and for all. 

1. Nick Hogan - Do you think Nick Hogan would have gone to jail if not for being Hulk Hogan's son?  What kind of people Nick Hogan met in jail?  What did Nick have to do to survive in Prison.  Now he is out, who would he want to get revenge on?  Let me think.


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