WWE PPV 2012 Mix Tape

With Amazon Instant Video and iTunes you can buy individual matches from WWE pay per views.  It is like buying a single episode from a TV show season. This means you can pay $1.99 or $2.99 for a match.  This is really interesting to me.  I know not every match on a PPV is worth my time or money.

Here is my challenge, what is your WWE PPV Mix Tape for 2012.  If you were going to book a PPV from all the WWE PPV matches, what would it be.  Do you pick just the best matches or do you try to make it flow? Do you tell an overall story or have every match tell a different story? Do you make sure each match had a different ending.

For me, I would make sure that no wrestler was in more that two matches for this list.  It limits the choice of matches, but make sure no performance dominates the list.

Tell me what is your WWE PPV 2012 Mix Tape


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