E-Readers and MP3 Players

I got my second kindle for Christmas.  Now I have a Kindle Fire HD and an e-ink Kindle.  In the last few months my e-ink Kindle has got me to read more.  I enjoy having so many books with me in such a small package.  I also like the ability to highlight text and have all that text collected together.  It is hard to say way, but I have been enjoying more than reading from paper books.

That being the case, I still have a ton of books in the apartment that I have never read.  It reminds me of a conversation I had with Jeremy a log time ago.  When e-readers started we talked about them.  Jeremy is a big reader and has lot of books.  I asked him if he wanted an e-reader.  He said that he hoped that e-readers would be like MP3 players.  MP3 players took off because people could rip their existing CDs and put them on their MP3 player.  He was hoping that some day he could load his books into an e-reader.

Now I wish there was an easy, cheap, and legal way to get my books onto my Kindle.  I do not want to re-buy books I already have.  I can check to see if I can check them out of the library.  I just wish I could scan the bar code on the book and it just populate in my kindle.  I do not think this will slow e-books sales now.  It would just be nice to have. 


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