Wrestiling Digital Content Pt 3 - Wresting on TV

I was looking at a list of wrestling dream matches on the WWE website. I just wish I could watch these matches on my TV.  Right now I can only watch them on my computer.  I know some people are fine watching wrestling on their computer, but I am not.  I really do not like to watch video that is more that 5 or 6 minutes on my computer.  Watching 10 matches in a row is just maddening to me.

I think wrestling is best as a lean back experence.  When I am on my computer I want to be doing something.  I find watching TV or movies on my computer too passive.  After a little while I want to be writing or editing a photo.   I want to focus on watching wrestling and not on my computer. 

This is my advice to smaller wrestling companies too.  I will not order an iPPV unless there is an easy way for me to watch it on my TV.  For right now that limits me to iPPVs on Go Fight Live.  They are the only company who I can get an iPPV on my Roku.  It seems like Go Fight Live has fallen out of favor with the super-indies. 

I understand that small wresting promotions have limited resources.  Right now they make a lot of money selling DVDs.  The transition to iPPVs and Downloads is coming.  As the DVD markets fall away small wrestling promotions need to be ready.  



AirPlay! Seriously. I know you work for an AirPlay competitor, but I can move any content on my laptop to my TV. It's very satisfying!
Rich said…

The problem is that AirPlay it is an answer for only 2-3 million Apple TV users. I think depending on Apple TV is a bad business plan.

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