WWE Digital Content - Pt 1 platforms

If I understand correctly, the WWE currently has content on Seven digital platforms.  In the US they have content on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, WWE.com and the WWE app.

I want to write more about the WWE digital strategy, but I feel like I need to just write capsule reviews first.  Please let me know if I am missing anything. 

Youtube - WWE short format web shows - The WWE use YouTube to  like Are You Serious?, Backstage Fallout, and Z True Story.  Most of this is original content made just for Youtube.  There are a lot of matches on YouTube.  I am not sure if the WWE try to get these matches pulled down or if they just monitize the content that other people post.

Netflix Streaming - Select DVD releases - This is a limited mix of documentaries and match anthologies.  The documentaries do not have the matches that are included with the DVD/Bluray releases.  There seems to be a rotating list so you are never sure what you are going to see.  It seems like there here is not specific, but just enough to scratch an itch. 

Hulu Plus - Television Programing - The WWE has just about all there US television programing to Hulu.  It is great for catching Raw or Smackdown if you missed it.  It is also the only place to catch NXT or Superstars in the US. You do not need to get Ion to see Main Event.  This is currently my favorite way to watch wrestling on my Roku.

Amazon Instant Video and iTunes - Pay Per View Collections and TV Content - I do not use this streaming at all.  The interesting thing is you can buy individual matches from recent Pay Per Views.  I think this is an interesting way to package matches.  I have no idea how well this works.  I do not read anyone who uses this service.

WWE App - Raw and Smackdown Recaps - The WWE app is not about video content.  Video is the second or third thing in importance for the app.  The focus of the App is a second screen experence for Raw and Smackdown.  I think I am going to do a longer review of this product later. The app is designed for Phones and Tablets. 

WWE.com - Various Video Content - There is a lot of video content on the website.  The two big content categories are classic matches and current matches.  I do not use this for watching matches.  It is an interesting library, but seems to lack focus.  The video seems to serve the stories that are being written. 


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