WWE Digital Content - Pt 2 Content

In part 1 I wrote about all the different digital platforms that WWE has.  Currently I can watch three of these on my Roku and four on my Kindle Fire HD.  Hulu is my favorite place to watch WWE content.  I like to watch Smack Down, Raw, NXT, and Main Event while I eat breakfast in the morning.  I could watch four of these on my iPod Touch or my Amazon Phone, but I find my iPod Touch is way too small to watch wrestling on. 

When you look at the six different digital platforms with six different sets of content.  There is no hardware where all six different platforms can be viewed. 


Customers have to go to different places if they want to view all this content. The one view of this is content fragmentation.  The WWE is using their resources to get their content on several platforms.  Those resources would be better used to support just one platform. 

They are also inconveniencing their customers by making them use several services to get to the content.  I am not sure how much of a benefit it is to the WWE for their customers to subscribe to Hulu and Netflix to get the content.


It is not a matter of fragmenting the audience, but going to platforms the audience already uses.  Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube are already on millions of devices.  Instead of doing deals with dozens of hardware companies, they are doing deals with a handful of content companies.  They are not re-inventing everything for themselves.  The WWE can leverage the audiences the companies already have.

 By using several partners the WWE does not have to pick a winner.  If something happens to one of these companies the WWE is not stuck holding the bag.  If the marketplaces changes they are in a good position to change with it. 

The most important idea there is no single WWE fan and this is a case for no single digital platform. The WWE has a wide demographic.  They have sizable audience from 8 to 80.  Why only have one digital platform.

I am in favor of the WWE having in more places not less.  Now if I can just get all this content on my TV, I would be happy.  


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