WWE Market Segements

I would pay money to see the WWE's market research on wrestling fans.  I would love to know what the WWE thinks of the market place.  Wrestling fans think about wrestling.  We think about what is going on in the ring, on the TV show and on the Pay Per Views.  We think about what wrestling fans want and how we feel about the product.

A good company thinks about market segments, the size of the market, who they are competing with, and who is not viewing the product.  The first important part of looking at market segments is watching.  Wrestling fans talk about either the wrestling fans who are like them or the wrestling fans they hate.  Any company I have worked at talks about the demographics of their customers.  I want to know how the WWE views those demographics.  When I went to see Smackdown I saw lots of different types of wrestling fans.  I did not see many people who looked like they were writing blog posts or recording podcasts. 

The next question a company needs to ask is who are the easiest customers for us to pick up. 


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