The Delayed 2012 Year in Review

I never summed up my 2012.  Every time I even tried to think about it, I was just overwhelmed by it.  I could never think of a way to sum up my year.   It was one of those years.  Kate and I had plan for 2012 that got knocked off tracked by being laid off the last week of 2011.

I spent the first four and a half months of the year laid off.  It was a hard four months.  There were a couple of times I thought I was close to getting a job.  I got pass up a few times and it hurt.  It is hard when someone tells you no for a job.  A few jobs I knew I could have crushed.

It is hard to explain how that feels.  Before I met Kate, I would have moved after being laid off this way.  I would have gone a different direction with my life.  The difference is now I have a commitment.  I had to figure out how to make it work.  I could not run and it meant something.

It might be good that I did not get any of those other jobs.  The job I got that was right for me.  I feel that I am in the right job now.  It makes things a lot easier.  It makes the things we are doing now easier.

The three things I did to make the days easier when I was unemployed.  I walked the dogs, read books, and went to the gym.  I have been trying to keep up the reading and going to the gym.  I have not choice but to walk the dogs.

I discovered how much I like reading with my kindle.  I did not think I would like reading with an e-reader that much.  I liked my Kindle so much I asked for a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas.  My goal is to read more books this year.

Just before I got my new job, I started as the co-host the International Object podcast with K. Sawyer Paul  I started to listen to wrestling podcasts in 2011.  When I was unemployed I started to interact with people making the podcasts and writing blog posts about wrestling.  On twitter there is a community of people interacting around wrestling.  It is a pretty cool community.  I am happy I am part of that community.  I get up at 4:40 AM one day a week to record the podcast, and I love it.

 In 2012 I finished my third year in a row of taking a photo everyday.  That means I am 30% of the way of taking a picture every day for a decade.  This is my goal now.  I think it will show me a lot if I take a picture everyday for 10 years. 

Before I got laid off from Beyond Oblivion, Kate and I were talking about looking into adoption.  We were going to do that right after the new year.  That got pushed back to September.  Once we looked into it, the path seemed clear.  We picked the Kinship Center and they have helped make things easy to understand. 

We ended up taking classes at the Kinship Center in Salinas.  For eight weeks in a row we drove down to her Dad's house after work, spent the night, and I worked remotely from his house.  It was the focus of our life for two months.  Everything seemed to be in relation to taking the class.

Kate was my rock this year.  I feel my relationship with her is growing every year.  We faced some really hard times in 2012, but we were always there for each other.  I think that is way people need to do it some times.

I feel confident 2013 will be a good year. 


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