The Michael Vick story of Pro Wrestling

In the WWE or TNA you cannot tell the Michael Vick story.

I grew up in Philadelphia as a big sports fan.  Some of my earliest memories have to do with my family and sports.  I remember watching the Phillies pouring champagne over each others heads when they clinched the NL East in 1976 and not understanding why they were doing it.  Even if I left Philadelphia, I did not leave those teams behind.

When I started dating Kate, I would take her on Sunday Morning dates to watch the Eagles games at an Eagles bar here in San Jose, California.  I fed her steak and eggs and she started to like the Eagles.  She was never a football fan before and the enjoyed sharing my love for a team.

This was all going well, until Michael Vick became the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.  She was OK with Vick as the back up, but once she had to root for him it started to fall apart.  She started to become disinterested in Football.  She did not root against him, but she did not root for him either.  She started to be less interested in watching football.  She has told me that she would start being an Eagles fan again when Michael Vick is no longer the quarterback.

The narrative around Michael Vick is very interesting to me.  He is a man that did something horrible, spent time in prison, and is trying to rebuild his life while playing in the NFL.  The way people around him react is really interesting to me.  I like to see how people deal with his past both fans and the media.

It seems like the most interesting stories in sports have to deal with.  There are a lot of places someone can be.  They can root for Michael Vick with your full heart, you can hold your nose while you still root for the team, you can not root for the team while he is the quarterback, or you can actively root against the team because he is heading the

On the surface you cannot tell this story in the WWE, at least in the current world of the WWE.  In general it is hard to tell this story in Pro Wrestling because you don't have teams.  Even a tag teams are not enough people to tell this story.  This story can be told in an invasion or an inter-promotional story. This means you cannot tell this story that often. 

The interesting thing about a story like this is that fans have to decide for themselves what they think about the characters.  The audience is challenged on how they feel.  I think trying to pull up conflict within the fans is a good idea.  The problem is that there are too many ways for this story to be told poorly. 


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