Seeing a wrestler doing a comedy show

March 21: The Marquee

Last week, on my fourth wedding anniversary, Kate and I went to see Mick Foley do a comedy show.  When I saw Mick Foley was coming to town on our anniversary I knew I had a chance to get Kate to agree to go.  It had come up in the past that I currently have a resemblance to Mick Foley.  I know knew that Mick Foley is one of the wrestlers Kate enjoys.  (Note to self: Make a post about Kate's favorite wrestlers)

Me and Mick Foley - Bang Bang

Before and After the show Mick Foley had a gimmick table.  He was selling shirts, head shots, signing what ever people had, and taking pictures with fans.  He even had his opening act there so there was someone to handle the camera.  I was dumb when I talked to him.  All I said that none of his books were currently for sell as Kindle e-books.   I know I must have come off as a dumb fanboy.

Signed Ticket

I had him sign my ticket and bought a headshot.   I usually do not buy wrestler screen shots.  I am not sure if I am changing my mind in this in general or just for wrestlers like Mick Foley.  I feel Mick Foley really broke his body for the sake of the fans.  I really enjoyed him as a wrestler, so I feel that an extra $10 out of my pocket is no big thing.

Mick Foley before the show

The show was pretty good.  I do not want to say this is stand up comedy show.  I think stand up comedy is an art, and calling Mick Foley a stand up comic does not respect this art.  It was less telling jokes and more telling stories.  To be honest, this makes for the best show.  The people there wanted to hear stories about the road.

Signed Head Shot

He told some new stories and some stories from his book.  He told a great version of the cookies in DDP's bed story from the book.  Mick did a really good job working the crowd.  There was a 9 year old there who claimed Mick is his favorite wrestler.  I wonder if his parents just show him videos of his matches. 

I really enjoyed the show, I think that it gave the audience just want they wanted.  When it comes to Mick Foley's level of skill on stage, I think if he was not famous, he would not fill a room as big as Cobb's Comedy Club.  It he was JT Smith, Colt Cobana, or Balls Mahoney and the same skill on stage, he should play a much smaller room. 

Bottom Line:  If you are a Mick Foley fan it is worth seeing him live on stage.  I worry that he will not be able to keep on traveling because of what he did to himself as a wrestler.  If he comes to the bay area again I would see him again.  I want to see if he keeps doing the same show or if his skill in creases. 


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