Does John Cena Still have the same meaning

I think I can see him

Last year right after wrestlemaina I wrote about the Meaning of John Cena.  A year later I have to wonder if he still has the same meaning or not.   I had jury duty today and had a conversation with a stranger about the WWE. We talked about John Cena and Wrestlemaina.  He was a guy in his late 20s and started watching wrestling in the Attitude era.  He asked me "What do you think about twice in a lifetime?" 

We spent a good 20 minutes talking about John Cena turning heel at Wrestlemaina.  It seemes important that something happens with John Cena.  He could not see a way that his character could stay the same.  He also thought the Rock was over the hill. 

I feel like the John Cena character has not done anything in the past year.  He has been suspended animation just waiting to have a rematch with the Rock.  He had matches, but they did not lead anywhere.  He tried to say he never got over losing to the Rock, but it did not seem to be in the text or subtext of the story. 

Last year I wrote that John Cena could not turn because there is no one to take his place at the top hero of the WWE.  I feel no different about that this year.  I still cannot see anyone take his place with the 8-12 year old fans.  If Cena and CM Punk are both villains there is no one for them to face.  If the Rock is going to be the hero, who will be the hero when he is making movies. 

Can the WWE make interesting stories and sell a lot of toys.  That seems to be the central question about Pro-Wresting. 

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