Time to Rethink Comic Book Cross Over Events

I understand that cross over events have become the life's blood of comic books.  I understand they have been come the new narrative super structure of comic books.  It is the way to interweave the narrative of several comic book titles together.

That being said I recently read Batman: Battle for the Cowl on my Kindle Fire HD.  It was the first graphic novel I bought from Amazon and read.  I have the Comixology app for my Kindle Fire HD, but I had a credit from Amazon and thought it would be fun to read.  I had been interested in the idea of someone taking over the persona of Batman. 

When reading Batman: Battle for the Cowl I felt the the story was incomplete.  I thought the story had more of the "Batman Family" in it.  From the promotion it seemed like a lot is missing.  It feels like something is missing, but there is no indication from the e-book version. When I look at the Wikipedia page to find out, there were other parts of the story.

I am surprised that the as the cross over event has become the center of the comic book university, the trade paper or story collections have not updated to take this into account.  The trade collections should be the complete stories.  Even if you need to brake them until into several volumes.  If the story is important enough to tell in the crossover, it is important enough to include in the trade collection.

I think tablets are going to really transform comics.  I think it is time for the whole industry to re-things how comics are packaged.  I think just working as things used to work is a bad idea.  I think it is bad for the comic reader if things do not change.  


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