Wrestling and Narrative Structure

Vintage Wrestling Mags

Looking at Wrestling from 1980 to now, I wonder if wrestling has undergone more changes in narrative structure than any other art form.  All art forms are impacted by the distribution and funding.  Look at the movies that get funded.  It impacts the visual style of movies.

When I hear wrestlers on podcast talk about wrestling storytelling, I never hear them talk about how weekly programs have changed the way stories are told.  I never hear wrestlers and bookers say "In the territory days we would tell the story this way, but now we have to tell the story in a different way."  I never hear them talk about the impact of things like youtube, huluplus, or new media.  The talk about twitter, but they don't talk about it as a story telling tool.

I would love to interview a wrestler and ask them about these things. I would love to hear from people who have been involved for a lot time and hear how the narrative structure has changed.  What stories can and cannot be told now because the media is different?  How do you put together something in the ring in a different way, because the story is going to be told on TV every week?

I am not sure how people think about this.  Is weekly TV just a way to sell PPVs or is it a story telling medium for wrestling? 

As fans how do we see it differently?  Do we remember the weekly story telling when the PPV matches are what usually make the DVD?  How do the stories stick with us? 


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