WWE Network Pitch Meeting

I would pay for a WWE Network if it included an Over-The-Top solution like HBOGo.  I think that would be a great way for the WWE to monetize their old content.  If managed correctly they could do it and not cannibalize their current DVD sale.

If it is done right, it would be great for both the WWE and wrestling fans.  I forward to is the WWE trying to create different types of programing.  It would not be enough for them just to have show the new wrestling events and to mine their archives.  They will need to also provide new programing.

Here is the list of shows I would pitch to the WWE if I was given the chance.  I know by putting them on my blog, I am tipping my hand and they could steal it without giving me anything.  Since I do not have the ability to produce a TV show or get a meeting with Titan Tower, this is the best I will do.  If they make one of these shows I can take credit in an internet/blogging kind of way.  

Colt Cobana - World Traveler

This should would be like Dhani Jones Tackles the Globe, but with wrestling.  You have Colt Cobana do a travel show.  He goes to international promotion, take a few days wondering around a city, have a wrestler show him around, and have him wrestle at a show.  Part of the strength would be he could show him how wrestling promotions in other countries are different.  I think if you keep him outside the US it will work.  Colt Cobana is known well enough to attract a fan base, but he is also unknown enough where you can attract new fans. 

On the Road With...

Every week you follow a wrestler from the day after Raw, until Raw next week.  You see the day to day things that wrestlers do.  You see them meet fans, do signings, go to see appearances, do media, and everything else that makes them a star.  This show follows a different WWE face each week.  There is no host to this show.

WWE Superfans

The show visits the biggest WWE fans.  You see their big collections of WWE/WWF and Wrestling memorabilia.  You get to hear stories about what it is like to be a fan.  The show is hosted by someone like Don West.

Wrestling School

This is a pretty easy one.  It is not a reality game show.  It is not Tough Enough as it was before.  It is the story of seven wrestlers going through wrestling school.  This would be like World of Hurt.  I would even have Lance Storm as the instructor.  You might stack the cast so not everyone would make it.  You really show the drama of trying to make it in wrestling.  I would include the low pay and hard work people really have on the indies.  Wrestlers packed into cars and sharing hotel rooms.  The wrestlers would be driving all night to be on shows where they get the chance to wrestler and a hotdog.  These are people how have not made it to NXT TV yet. 

The Writers Room

The writers room is a weekly series where you see how wrestler stories get put together.  You get to see how the stories get put together.  The show would be one PPV storyline behind the current world.  You would start with the Raw after Wrestlemaina and you would see one plotline unfold.  If you want a pitch for this show, it is kind of like Season 25: Oprah Behind The Scenes.  You get to see the way the shows come together.

The Intern

You find a a young celebrity who is also a wrestling fan to host this show.  Maybe a child star who has aged out of being cute.  The host spends a few days following around different people in the WWE, learning their job.  The first week he starts out on the Ring Crew setting up a live show.  You can have him both doing things as part of the live show and back at the office.  I would love to see the intern work with Jim Johnson in his studio. It would be cool for him to follow the video game developers, toy makers, graphic designers, and anyone else who is part of the WWE machine.  This show could both be entertaining and promote products that are about to come out.  The WWE could make episodes about putting together a new BluRay. 

Celebrity Fans

I know this one needs a better name.  I would pitch it as the just like Iconoclasts from the Sundance Channel.  You get a famous fan and a wrestler to talk to each other about their art, storytelling, and putting on a show.  You get to find out the artistic process of being a wrestler, by talking to other artists.  


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