Goal of 10 views on flickr

For some reason I am obsessed with the number of views my photos get on flickr

Carrots in Season

I have this goal to get 10 views for 90% of my photos.


Currently 74% of my photos have 10 views or more


This means I am about 5400 photos off my goal when it comes to views

Dog at the Beach

Currently I use twitter to get extra views for my photos.

Three Headed King

That can only get 10-15 photos over that 10 views.

 Pets Welcome

That just about covers the new photos I post.


I will never reach my goal this way

Side Walk Flower

I still need to find other ways to get views for my photos. 

Restaurant Statue of Liberty

I guess that is why I've been working on these photo essays

Juanita in the New Chair

It is another way to get views.

Kathy at the Hotel Del Coronado

I think caring about flickr views it a good thing.

The Press Box

It encourages me to tag my photos and keep them organized. 

Iowa License Plate

I add tags hoping people will search for them.

All the Peanuts

The tags help me find them later.

The Sakura People

All I ask is for you to click through to some of these pictures.

Kate at the Game

That way some of them will reach my goal. 

U.S. Agent


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