Movie Funding and Women

Today in the news there was a story about how there are far fewer speaking roles in the top US movies.  I think this is connected to everything else that is being said about how movies are currently being funded.  After reading this story I want to know about the pipeline.  How many women fund movies, work in development, and are position to green light movies?  I think this is where the conversation should go.  If you want to change this trend you need to know about the pipeline and work at that point. 

My second question is how is this connected to international markets?  If what I hear is true, every choice when it comes to making a major studio movie has an eye for the international market.  I do not know if it is the only way a movie can make a profit or it is a way to maximize the return on investment.  These are two answers to these questions.  If it is the second, this means that we are going to see more and more movies that look the same.  Everyone is looking for the same audience and will try to capture them with every attempt.

I also wonder about the research about who goes to see international movies.  For year the conventional wisdom has been that action and explosions are universal across all cultural, but comedy and drama do not share that universality.  When I hear 'conventional wisdom' I think 'market inefficiency'  I am not sure if this it true or just a problem reaching the market.

There is one quote that got me thinking:

[study author Stacy L.] Smith said. "Every voice deserves a chance to be heard and every story a chance to be told. At the moment ... that does not seem to be the case in popular film."

If you want to tell your story to the world, Right now is the best time in the history of the world to be alive.  With the internet, facebook, youtube, podcasts, blogs, tumblr, and all the other tools out there, you can tell your story.  You might not get a mass audience for your story, but your story can be told.  Maybe it is time for us to stop going to movies and stop caring about them. 


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