Movie Funding

I am really surprised that I have not heard anyone connected Steven Soderbergh's impassioned state of cinema address and Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here Kickstarter.  These things are on the same topic.  How and why movies get funded is the story of Hollywood.  It tells us so much about which movies will get made.  We are looking at films like art and are unwilling to talk about the commerce. 

There are more ways to distribute video than ever before.  Some how movies are only really movies is they are shown in a movie theater.  I am not sure youtube is at the place where an indie film maker can make a living.  I don't think a person without a studio behind them can break through all the noise.  

Making money in the DVD market is over.  I do not think the electronic market will ever make up for the lost DVD market.  Right now if you want to make your money back, you better be able to see your movie overseas. 

I think film makers and film critics have to think about movies can get made.  I am not sure who can impact this.  I miss thoughtful independent movies.  I miss movies that took my breath away.  I am not sure if I changed, but I know movies changed.

I have nothing against Zach Braff going to kickstarter.  I have nothing against people calling him on the carpet for going to kickstarter.  I just want fans to engage in the larger conversation of what movies do or do not get made. 

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