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sflickr social August: iPhone to iPhone

During the Flickr Redesign feedback there was a meme in the feedback about how Flickr was trying to court users with cell phones, taking selfies and food pix.  The comment has a lot of disdain for people using their iPhone for social photography.  The idea is that the Flickr is throwing serious photographers to the side with the changes to the interface. 

I hate this meme in this feedback thread.  What I hate the most is the idea that people who are serious photographers are more worthy of flickr than people using their iPhone.  Even worst people who use iPhones can't be serious photographers.  I know some great photographers who use iPhones all the time. 

I am not a fan of when someone draws the line between Real and Unreal, Worthy and Unworthy, Serious and Frivolous.  Flickr should be about all photographers.  You do not need to follow photographers you don't like.  It is a matter of taste.  It is ok for thinks that someone does not like to still be good. 

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