Flickr and the illusion of control

50,000 flickrs cant be wrong

I was on the flickr help forum when I saw this post about being given options on flickr
And OPTIONS to which background you'd prefer your photos to be viewed on (black, white or grey) instead of black being force-fed to us. 
It is time for people to acknowledge the truth that you are not in control of how your photos are viewed. They can be viewed on Flickr website, on site, on Flickrs mobile app, or on a third party viewer like flickriver.

If you want to control how your photos are viewed, you need to set up your own web site and show them from that website. That is the only way for you to keep the control you have not really had for a long time now.

I think people need to realize that they control the information you put on the web, but you cannot control how it is presented.  In a world of data and APIs, the control is in the hands of many other people. 


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