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February 12: Something to keep in mind

I am not sure why 500 photos have become a magical number to me, but it has.  It is a marker of something for me.  When I have the chance, I will make a set of the 500 best photos in one category or another.  I even cap my Twitter Life sets at 500 photos.  There is something about this number that really interests me.  I have over 34,000 photos in my photostream, so 500 is between 1-2% of my photos.  It is a number that is too large to look at all at once, but small enough to get your head around.  It is a very nice number of photos to have together.

Christmas Vacation: Cookies

I got a new camera in June.  I got a Nikon D5100 as a birthday gift.  I think it took me a week to take over 500 photos with it.  In about a month I posted 1200 photos from my Nikon D5100.  I made a set of the most interesting photos I took in that month.  It is really easy to take many photos with a DSLR.  It is fun to shoot and easy.  It made me want to go around and look for photos to take.  I took a couple of personal photo strolls.  I wanted to find new things to shoot.

Brick Tower

In June I also got a new cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4 in June.  I have taken about 200 photos in that time and posted about 120 to flickr.  That is pretty good because in a little more than two years of my Samsung Epic I only posted 329 to flickr.  It is just harder to take a ton of photos with a camera photo.  It is easy to whip it out any time you need it, I know love the interface.  My goal is to post 500 photos from my Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Raining in June

I know that 500 photo is just a round number.  It plays into my flickr obsessions of tags, views, and stats.  It is all part of me turning flickr into a game for myself.  I guess all hobbies work as games. 

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