Gender and Scrips

I think this is also connected to the way movies are funded.  It looks like info graphic about gender spec scripts is connected to the way movies get funded.  People who fund movies are careful because there is so much at risk.  I feel like there is a chicken and egg issue here. Do movies targeted at women not do well in international markets or do we not make enough of them to find the ones that will do well in international markets. 

Once again there are more ways to get movies in the hands of the public than ever before, but there are fewer chances to get movies into theaters.  I am not sure if this is the old guard trying to tell us their world is still important or the last place where you can have a cultural lighthouse that can reach the public. 

I think how we make movies right now will eat its own tale.  I think the artistic ideas are being lost to commercial ideas.  It is a road to movies getting less and less watchable. 


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