Back on the bike Pt. 1.

freshly kitted out

I am trying to start biking again.  We moved closer to my work.  I wanted to move closer to work so I could cut down my commute.  I was spending way too my time commuting to and from work.  It is hard to define it, but more than an hour to get to or from work is the worst.  I hate that feeling of just sitting and waiting in traffic.

March 27: Bumper to Bumper

We live close enough that biking to work is reasonable.  It is 10 miles on the bike compared to 15 miles on the highway.  For years now I have wanted to live code enough to work where I could bike.  It is funny that for years I lived a biking distance to work, but I was not interested in it.  It interests me now because it seems like a good use of time.  The ability to exercise and commute at the same time seems like a great idea. 

August 17: The Bike

The only issue is I am not in shape enough to ride my bike to and from work.  I have not been on my bike for months.  I think last week was the first time this year I was back on my bike.  I had been keeping my bike in the office because there was no place to keep it in the apartment.  Now that we a garage, I have a place to keep my bike at home. 

I don't forget how to ride a bike, but I often get out of biking shape.  I am not in good enough shape where i can ride my way to work everyday and still be able to work.  I have been working to get back into biking shape.  Three days last week I took my bike out after work.  Each day I take my bike out I try to ride it a little further. 

I really enjoy riding my bike.  It gives me a rush and makes me feel more alive.  This is one of the reasons I want to bike to work. 


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