Wresting Dream Product - Matches

Wrestling DVDs

I have a number of wrestling DVDs and BluRay discs, mostly from ECW and WWE.  I have no way to know which matches I have.  I wish I had a better way to track this.  I wish I had a way to track which matches I have at my finger tips. 

Unreasonable Dream Product

I really wish the WWE had an On-Line locker for matches.  I wish I could put my DVD or BluRay into my computer, register it with the WWE, and have access to those matches on line.  I wish that same system gave me access to the free matches on WWE.com and gave me the ability to buy matches.  To top everything off, give me access to this locker via my TV streaming devices.

Reasonable Dream Product

I wish someone would make the Good Reads of wrestling DVDs.  The idea would be I could check all the DVDs I own, have watched, want to buy, or watch to watch.  I want to be able to sort and tag the matches.  I want to be able to at least track which matches I have, can buy, and where I can buy others. 

I am not sure there are enough wrestling fans for a site like this to work.  Maybe it would have to be crowd funded or open sourced. 


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