Project 365 becomes Project 3652

March 1: Andrew shooting back

After a half dozen attempts take a picture every day for a full year, also known as Project 365, I was successful for the first time in 2010.  I had so much fun in 2010, I also did it in 2011.  After doing it two years in a row, I decided to keep going.  Why should I ever stop?

May 10: Home Made Chips

Half way through 2012, I figured out that I should do it for the whole decade.  Now my Project 365 has become Project 3652 and I am almost half way done.  I am excited because I feel I can really do this. It is the kind of challenge I have never done before.

Lessons from Project 3652:

Make a little time for yourself everyday - Needing a photograph everyday give you an excuse why you want to step away and take a picture.  It gives you a reason to step away from your desk and take a picture.  On very busy days that is a good thing to have.  It gives you something on those days when everyone else has claims on your time.

August 31: Fish Art

See what in the world you can capture - I spend a lot of time looking for future pictures.  There are things that would have gone unnoticed in the past but I pay attention to it now.  I am thinking about my photo for today and for future photos.  I am always keeping my eye out for interesting things in the world. 

February 2: Heart Donut

Be ready to take a photo all the time - You never know when you will see something worth taking a picture of.  I always have a least one camera on me. I often have three useable cameras on me. This means if something pops up, I will have a chance.  

March 30: The Fire
Make plans to take photos - I love to go places just to take photos.  I want to go all over California just to take pictures.  I love having a day where I am am going to do is take pictures.  I love to take a little extra time on the way someplace to just stop and take a picture.  I think it is important to take this time, make those plans, and just take photos. 

June 7: Double Exposure Tower

Some days the best picture is whatever picture you can get - Some days you will try and fail to get a great picture.  Some days you will be so busy you are limited on what picture you can get.  Some days you will not have the time to keep trying until you get something great.  On those days, be happy with what you can get.  There will be more time for greatness in the future.  It is not a reason for your project to miss a day. 

July 9: blacktop

This is a visual journal of my life - When I see the pictures from this project, I see my life.  I see the twists and turns of where I've been.  I see Kate, the dogs, the house, work, the old apartment, the last job, the job before that, and all the places we have gone.  There is a picture of a tire rack that reminds me of the time my tire blow out on the way home from Vacaville.  I see the picture and I remember the hours and hours I waited. 

August 16: afternoon at the Tire Store


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