Walking Five Miles A Day

Fitbit Blaze

My goal it to walk five miles very day.  I measure this goal by using my Fitbit Blaze to measure it.  I guess that means I'm taking Fitbit's word for it.  I am not taking the time to double check Fitbit's numbers to make sure.  I do know when I switched from a Fitbit Charge to a Fitbit Blaze, I has to walk more to get to five miles.  Some days it feels too good to be true, others it feels like it is really hard to get. 

To get five miles I take two to three walks a day.  Most days I stop before work for a walk around the park.  I also try to get a long work at lunch.  Since the surgery I am not eating much and sitting around the lunch room seems like a waste.  I getting out during lunch helps me reset during the the middle of the day. 

I like the gamification that fitbit gives me.  I have a streak going.  My last streak was 77 days.  I am currently 13 days into my new streak.  I like being able to see the numbers on my fitbit turn green.  It helps motivate me.

I am doing this every day because I have to.  It is the best way I can get exercise.  I need to do this to lose weight.  

My Favorite Places to walk
Campbell Community Center
Los Gatos Creek Trail
Kelley Park
Wallenberg park
Oakridge Mall


gardenlore said…
Not boring, important. I need to do it myself. I can hardly imagine walking one mile much less 5.

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