Fitness Tools Part 3

July 12: Reading time

I have been reading on the elliptical machine.  It lets me focus on something other than the work out.  Yes I like a distraction.  It lets my mind go one place and my body go another.  What I find is the e-ink screens are easier to read.  I put the font pretty big and I use it on the side.  I found my old Kindle and I started using that. 

I find that non-fiction is the best thing to ready.  It is easier to read a page and not lose what is going on.  With fiction it takes a much larger level of focus.  When I read and work out, my mind wonders.  I just want another place for it to wonder. 

I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.  I have been reading books from Smart Pop and other pop culture books.  I am trying to read 12 books this year.  So far I have finished 2.  Lets see if I can keep it up. 


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